Long story, but if you want to support my podcast rollout, you can donate to my Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/dawilcox or my GoFundMe campaign at gf.me/u/wwgq6s . Thanks again for your support.


Thank you!

For anyone who has ever visited this blog to read my fiction, I can't thank you enough for your readership. Your time was a gift. I hope that at least some of the time, I filled it with some winces, and some slightly quickened heartbeats, and an eagerness to see what might unfold for Richard, or my Necromancer, or Byron the cable guy.

I've finally hit a point as a writer where I can't hide under a pseudonym any longer. I've met some wonderful people among the NoSleep staff, as creepypasta shifted ownership and DB took over, and I've seen many come and go (rest in peace Terror Tortellini). Part of my new project will involve connecting the Podcast community (Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, The NSPP, Knifepoint) with some of the better known creepypasta authors, and even aspiring voice actors, so we can empower them and post submissions from the best of all horrific niches, all over the internet. On my birthday this year, I'll be releasing some new content on Kindle, and then I'll be dividing my time equally between a new novel and creating an audience for it in unfamiliar territory. I'll be using Wattpad, AdSense campaigns, social media, and even Spotify and YouTube. I'll be recruiting old friends and new for my own personal serial horror podcast, which will feature content from a close knit inner circle, but inevitably expanding outward as we build an entire interconnected world of lore and superstition.

I'm quite excited to see what the future holds for me as D.A. Wilcox, and no longer Violent Harvest. It's January, and as all writers know, that means new rights, expired rights, query letters, and getting them in before quotas begin to bulge and slush piles begin to become towers of dead trees.

For media inquiries, manuscript and beta readership requests, and updates, you can e-mail me at drew.wilcox@gmail.com. I'll be launching a new website soon, but other than major releases and announcements, I'll be updating my drafts and releasing material by request only.

Thank you again for your support through all the years. Hopefully, I'll meet you on a bookshelf somewhere when you're out shopping. Ha. A writer can dream!