Here's your Anhedonius sequel introduction. I have my table of contents, word count goals, and introductions for the majority of the 13 stories that will be in the new compilation. I think I'm going to call it "Noctoirnal: 13 Tales of Shadow and Intrigue." It's like nocturnal and noir combined in one word. C what I did there?

Liquid Blue Intro

I'm going to rewrite Necropotence, War of the Dead, and Necromaster. Not completely, but I'll be adding a lot of meat to it. Instead of creepypasta skeletons, I'm going to flesh them out in to 6k-12k standalones that flow and connect together much more completely. Add your First of the Three, Full Circle, and the Edge of Arameth to that, and you have six stories of the thirteen centering around that story arc, and two from the Liquid Blue universe. The other five will include a somewhat sequel to Install, a rewrite of my very first story ever from the Monolith forum (it was called Doctor but I'll be renaming it), and a couple of surprises.

Oh yeah, if you haven't heard The Mad Catter's rendition of Anhedonius, he did an amazing job and you can listen to that here:

Anhedonius 1-3

Anhedonius 4-8

I'm actually glad he got to it first before NoSleep because they DID want it, but they selected a new person to narrate it that I've never heard of before and after looking through her stuff, I just don't think she was the right fit. And truly, how can you put a female narrator on a male lead's thoughts and feelings? Not saying it hasn't been done, but um.... David C, what the fuck were you thinking?

Anyways, that's where we're at now. I'll get some full stories up soon, although they won't be here, and they'll only be readable/listenable if a Podcast or Derpbutt picks them up. Hope your summer was awesome, readers!