Meta: Goals, Ideas, Self-Imposed Deadlines

So our next project before 6/1/17 will be the second of the three series, about the gathering of the thirty souls necessary for the cogath ritual, and then maybe we'll jump right in to the third entry, about the child. Not completely sure on that one.

I also have an idea marinating about the actual artifacts in Necropotence, both the scrying stone and the actual kris blade that the necromancer uses in every story. I also want to write an Anhedonius sequel, which will be a short story titled Liquid Blue, and it will certainly be a 20,000 word monster successor that will have to be good enough to do its original predecessor justice. That means very strict editing and probably a good month before it's ready.

I dunno though. I guess writing down a cold hard date helps keep me accountable, so I'm less likely to veg out on gaming and more likely to start writing when I get home from work in the mornings. On the flip side, I have a golf/tennis/basketball/gym buddy and he is going hard in the paint, kicking my ass and holding me physically accountable for this recovering meatbag of skinny-ass seagull meat that I call my body.

I have to say though, the start of my summer is going very well, and I hope it is for you too, readers. Thanks for all your recent support.

Feel free to e-mail me or add me on Facebook if you haven't already. Putting a face to all the names and connecting with my audience is the most rewarding thing ever. Seriously, I love it and I love you all.

Cheers, stay cool!



Retiring all the old stuff and revamping this with post 2015 material. Just general housekeeping.

Meta Betas

So that beta reader mailing list they put on CP is like the single best thing ever because it might as well be called "somebody awesome will read your story for almost as much time as you took to write it, edit it for free, and then thank you for sending it."

There about five of you, but especially Monika Lain-Shaw, not sure if you'll ever read this post, but thank you so much for patching up my crap! Seriously, you are the best.

Feedback about what is bad is what I expected because I also knew it was bad. Cookie cutter dialogue, too many of the same phrases/descriptions in multiple stories, the list goes on, but the cool thing is that if you can not do much for a couple years and then start back with something that isn't complete garbage, then maybe you're faring alright.

I'm thinking about jumping away from all this series stuff and doing some standalones since I need about five or six of them anyway. At least like 30-40k wordcount, which will take awhile.

It's all good in the hood though.



The First of the Three

This is part of the Necropotence series. I plan to do three of these, as each one would be one of the critical pieces that the original character needs to conclude his story. I hope derpbutt accepts it. I'm seriously not sure if it's good or not. Let me say this, though.

To be perfectly and brutally honest with myself, I hate Necromaster. I hate that it's a journal entried, passive piece of passive voice crap. It grants a lot of detail, with no action, no climax, no real imagery to conclude the series. We're going to ask derpbutt to take it down, finish these three pieces, and then rewrite that sucker completely. I hate to pull a mulligan on it, but if Stephen King can end the Dark Tower series and then apologetically tell his audience that he hates it and it's terrible, then I can do this. The difference is, I'm going to actually re-attempt mine, whereas his is going to be a movie that would have to end with a new conclusion, or suffer a huge letdown. (Think Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker series, ugh). So yeah, every writer does it. My bad. I took a crap all over my most epic series, but I'll do my best to clean it up from here.

I think this one has campy parts of cornyness to it, but it's a kid, so maybe that's why it comes off that way. I think the vision/dream sequences turned out really well. Any suggestions on it are welcome, as I have to write the child portion, and the 30 souls portion of this series as well.

Thanks for reading as always, and be gentle. I wrote this one after a two year hiatus and it hurt so good.


So I haven't taken a vacation in something like five years, and going to the beach for a week was what I needed, apparently. I have ideas running through my head constantly. I guess that's why a lot of writers seclude themselves in a faraway place for inspiration.

The feedback on Anhedonius is solid so far and I really appreciate those who took the time to read it. Before I send anything else to derpbutt or assault nosleep with anything else, I want it to marinate on there for at least a week and see if it has the potential for a nomination, at the very least.

I don't really have much else to ramble about, though. It feels good to be back. I can't stagnate or lose momentum, and cranking out a second novel is definitely my ultimate goal, if not at least a novella that's over 20k or 30k words.

We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I love you all, as always.



Anhedonius Completed

Gonna send it to Derpbutt and the NoSleep folks, we'll see what people think. GoogleDoc link if you want to read it:


Thanks for reading!